How To Recondition Old Batteries And Save!!

how to recondition old batteries and save $$$How To Recondition Old Batteries And Save!!….Rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, over time their performance declines. In fact many have a stated number of charge cycles that they can perform before they will need replacing. Before you replace recondition battery them however, did you know that it may be possible to restore them to their original factory fresh state. So before you throw them away, here are the top three reasons you should recondition old batteries.

But to be completely honest, I did not get into battery reconditioning because of my car or power tools. Instead, I got into it as a way to save some big bucks on my home solar power system. Once I found out that I can get cheap used deep cycle batteries restore batteries and recondition them back to life, I could not resist the temptation. I have done this every time I have expended my solar power system and have saved hundreds of dollars. Even a single car battery reconditioning will cover the cost of this guide.

Car batteries are an absolute must when it comes to proper disposal! They are large, contain sulfuric acid (it can burn your flesh!) and are very harmful to the environment if not recycled in a responsible manner. There are MANY places that will recycle your old car battery Walmart, NAPA Auto Parts, Advance Auto, Car-quest are just a few. Most recycle batteries places will even charge you a refundable fee when you buy a new battery just to make sure your old one gets properly recycled. Batteries recycled at these locations will be sent back to various battery manufacturers and reconditioned or destroyed appropriately. These businesses almost always will dispose of your old used battery FOR FREE.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) has become the new standard for portable power in consumer devices and laptop batteries. Li-Ion batteries produce the same energy as NiMH battery but weigh approximately 20%-35% less. This can make a noticeable difference in devices such as cellular phones, camcorders or notebook computers fix battery where the battery makes up a significant portion of the total weight. Another reason Li-Ion batteries have become so popular is that they do not suffer from the “memory effect” at all. They are also environmentally friendly because they don’t contain toxic materials such as Cadmium or Mercury.

The second step is to test the battery fluid itself using a hydrometer, (available from your local car fix or hardware store.) Just dip it into each fluid reservoir, and suck a sample of the fluid up into its reservoir. The bulb should float in the green area on its scale. What you should avoid here is getting any of the fluid on your skin or clothes, as it is acidic and may burn. Also, if non-sealed battery has a.030 (sometimes expressed as 30 “points”) or more contrast in exact gravity reading between the lowest and top cell, then you should equalize the battery using a battery electrolyte fluid clarification additive. These additives are available on-line or from car parts stores.

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Reconditioning discarded batteries and/or extending the life of installed batteries, you not only make and save money, but also contribute to the protection of the environment. Permitting less lead from old batteries to be melted, less harmful lead-charged smoke is released into the air. Product List restore battery Applications Back to Battery Life Extender Longa-Batt Battery Life Extender Longa-Batt Pad Longa-BattBattery Terminal Protector Longa-Batt-Battery Life Extender Kit Longa-Batt Laboratory Test Report Demokits Testimonials Battery Reconditioning.

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Reconditioning is easy enough to do. Remove the battery from the cart or take it out of storage. Drain the battery and then replace its fluid with a mixture of distilled water and about 15 percent of Epsom salts. Charge the battery as described above. Test the battery after charging and take note that you may have to charge it again in order to bring it to full capacity. While golf cart battery reconditioning can restore your battery’s life, it can only work as long as the battery’s lead plates are still in working condition. Most importantly, be sure to always use protective gloves and eyewear whenever you are charging or reconditioning a battery.

It is important to protect the car battery from high under the hood temperatures with the use of a case or a heat shield. The battery life can be extended by keeping the battery charged at all times. Electrolyte levels will have to be checked often during the hot months. A recent study showed that moving the battery outside of the engine compartment increases its life by almost eight months. Based on the driving of each individual, some batteries are undercharged and this leads to sulfation, where the accumulation of lead sulfate reduces the storage capacity of a battery.

Hello hawkeye-well i’m not sure if this will help you or not but you might want to give it a try. When you get the next new battery fill it with acid and charge it with a trickle charger not more than 1 1/2 amp. If you are not going to ride the bike for a while disconnect the ground wire and do not use a trickle charger or battery tender on it. i had a friend once that used to make a living collecting old batteries and “rebuilding” them. That was how i met him. He said it was material off the sides of the plates.

If the electrolyte from a battery rises until it floods over the top of the jar, it shows that too much water was added when the battery was put on charge, the water rising to the bottom of the vent tube, thereby preventing gases formed (except those directly below the vent hole) from escaping. This gas collects under the covers, and its pressure forces the electrolyte up into the vent hole and over the top of the battery. In charging old U.S.L. batteries it is especially necessary to keep the air vent (see page 20) open to prevent flooding, since the lower end of the vent tube is normally a little below the surface of the electrolyte.

I am very happy with your Battery Chem electrolyte conditioning treatment and highly recommend it to others who are looking to add more life and power to their existing batteries that they otherwise thought dead. We are saving our customers 50-75% off new prices and also saving emissions from producing new batteries. Our customers have been pleased with the product they receive and we continue to build our base of customers as some companies have been testing our product over the past year and have been buying more! We have also added to our tools with test equipment and chargers.

We have revived giant forklift batteries that have sat in freezing cold warehouses for three years and were never charged even one time. Battery reconditioning is not an exact science and results often vary. But 70% success is a reliable figure. We are selling literally tons of it here in the USA. It is going to people who recondition batteries by the 5 gallon pail. We have also sold it to members of the military. Our factory in India has also. We have already received certifications.

If you plan to disconnect your car battery from your car, be sure you read your car owner’s manual! In most cases (unless otherwise stated in your manual) you will need to disconnect the negative cable first and then the positive cable. When you reconnect the battery you use the reverse order by connecting the positive cable first and then the negative cable. Doing this simple step incorrectly can have adverse affects on fuses and other electronics especially in Mercedes Benz and BMW type vehicles resulting in $$$ hundreds of dollars in repair. Even keeping the keys in the ignition when connecting or disconnecting may have negative effects so always read the manual.

A car battery may be maintenance-free for the most part of its lifespan, but once age sets it, it’s hard to keep it charged and prevent see the signs & symptoms when this happens. And when it does, it not only affects the performance of your car, but also the ability to keep the battery operational at optimum levels, across the of the little-known, yet effective ways to “revive” an old car battery is by reversing the sulfation. In other words, Recondition your old car battery. Added By

My friend claimed that you could take a weak lead acid battery, one that was still able to be charged but whose lifecycle was nearly finished and convert it to an alkaline battery by dumping out the battery fluid and replacing it with a mix of water and alum. fix battery Alum is sold in the super market spice section for making homemade pickles, it makes them crisp. It is sooooooooo cheap. And soooooooo safe, you can eat this stuff, okay? I don’t recommend eating it because of the aluminum connection to Alzheimer’s disease.

The vast majority of batteries can be reconditioned,especially if they are a rechargeable battery. This includes lead acid batteries , Li-Ion batteries , Ni-Cd batteries and also Ni-MH batteries Avoiding a hassle and problem by trying to do a battery reconditioning repair batteries when they first start to lose power can also be useful to extend the life. Many times people wait until they are badly decreased in power before starting to work on the battery, which can create issues in getting them back up to full power again.

Go straight through the steps just as laid out above and all should go well. You’ll have handled reconditioning an old car battery legitimately and rapidly. Just keep to the steps in order, for the reasons as explained, while considered avoiding the traps, problems and inherent mistakes mentioned. Then enjoy the fruits and great things about having reconditioned your own car battery Remember this is a skill you can perform for others, and you cal also resell reconditioned batteries for much less than a new one. This will be money that you will have earned by your time and vigor alone, as you can pick up old batteries to recondition free of charge.

If your buying and collecting habits are typical, you will have drawers full of batteries of unknown status and age, and more non-functional chargers lying about than you would like to admit. If you switch to alkaline batteries in as many devices as possible, and charge them as well as NiMH and NiCad batteries side-by-side in the Battery Xtender you will have the opportunity to clean up the disorganization and start saving money. The convenience of having newly-recharged alkalines in that drawer means not having to rush to the store to equip a flashlight when a storm approaches, or other sudden requirement.